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When it comes to tax preparation and filing, small to mid-sized businesses cannot afford to make a mistake. The Internal Revenue Service has regulations and guidelines that cannot be ignored as doing so could put your company’s economic standing in jeopardy.

Tax noncompliance is a serious issue that can even lead to heavy fines and jail time. Sadly, ignorance of the law is not an excuse, nor does the IRS look kindly on mistakes or failure to file claims.

GBC‘s certified accountants can also locate money saving deductions or shelters. Business owners facing state or federal tax agency notices or audits may also receive assistance on how to reduce chances of fines.

Companies who desire to stay tax complaint should therefore enlist the aid of a reliable tax consultant like the ones at GBC Tax Services of Atlanta.

With so many aspects of running a business to contend with, tax filing may be low on a huge list of business priorities. Even so, the fact remains that this very important aspect cannot be overlooked. GBC Tax Services of Atlanta provides top notch income tax accounting plans that will ensure your company’s financial well being and marketplace stability.

Income Tax Returns Preparation Services
Research is the first and continuous part of income tax preparation.
Income and Expense Categorization for small businesses is essential to completing tax returns correctly and completely, avoiding enquiries from tax agencies.
Maximizing Allowable Deductions and Credits sometimes requires a recalculation of prior year’s tax returns.
Filing Status Comparisons might lead couples to file their personal income taxes separately in order to lower taxes in certain unique situations.
Estimated Tax Projections, including tax withholding calculations for the current tax year, ensures taxpayers’ compliance with IRS rules and regulations.
Retirement Contribution Calculations for the self-employed helps self-employed taxpayers take advantage of rules and regulations designed to encourage long-term savings for retirement without the administrative cost of a qualified retirement plan.

We offer many services for individuals such as income tax preparation, estate tax preparation, gift tax preparation, IRS inquiries and audits and tax planning. Account On Us caters to the small and not so small business needs. Start your business and get off on the right foot. We can handle all paperwork and filing of new corporations, LLC's, S corporations and partnerships.




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